wedding day start to finish

Some people love the detailed shots, and to some they are not as much of a priority. I will take  shots of the venue and any items you like. I ask for a box of all the important things you might want in your detailed shots,  including,  but not limited to invitations, shoes,  floral, bouquets, hangers, perfume or cologne, your rings, vow books and more! In addition to  the small details,  I also capture your attire for the day- photos of the dresses and suites before the ceremony.   This usually takes around 30- 45 min depending on the number of items.

The Details

Let's throw on your favorite playlist, pop some champagne and get ready for your big day! This can be a stressful part of the day-  but it does not have to be! This is mostly candid coverage of hair and makeup,  getting into the dresses and suits, maybe shots of bridesmaids in robes,  or the guys hanging out.    It is just capturing you having fun with your closest people while getting ready for your special day!

Getting ready

I highly recommend first looks! Whether the moment is with your partner, a family member, or the bridal party-  I truly think a first look is an incredible moment. This is a more intimate way to first see your partner and it allows you to have some time with each other before you walk down the aisle. This can also make the timeline for your day more leisurely as you can get many bridal party photos taken before the ceremony leaving more time to party and relax! But don’t stress, if you don't want to do a first look, that is great too.  We will construct your wedding day timeline to fit anything you want!

First Looks

Taking photos of the Wedding Party is so much fun!! This is when you get to hang out with your close people and get to be silly and show your fun side! We will start with some traditional poses and throw in some fun ones. We will get photos of  just the  bridesmaids and just the groomsmen and then mix it up to get everyone all together.   We will also discuss this in more details In your questionnaire and when making a shot lost to make sure we get any specific pics you want!

wedding party

You finally made it!! This is what you have dreamed of and the reason everyone has gathered together!! I focus on the first look shot,when you see your future spouse for the first time, the wedding party and couple walking down the aisle, the first kiss, your friends and family’s  reactions and much more! I will be getting all the angles of  the ceremony for you to look back on with memories of your special day.


This is directly after the ceremony when the reception space is being prepared and the Wedding Party is taking photos. If you do a first look before the ceremony you won't need as much time for cocktail hour, if you decide not to do a first look you will need a little more time. Typically it takes about 30 min for the wedding party, 30 min for family photos, and 30 min for just the newly married couple.

Cocktail Hour

Family formals usually happen right after the ceremony . I recommend you ask the officiant to make an announcement for the family to stay after to take your family photos. I work with the couple to come up with a family shot-list so we can be efficient and get all of the photos taken in time to get the family in to enjoy cocktail hour.

Family Formals

I always grab some solo portraits of the wedding couple throughout the day. This can be during getting ready, in between family and the wedding party  or even after the ceremony.  . We will plan this into the timeline so that it does not take too much time away  from family and friends.

Solo Portraits

These are the raw candid moments of your wedding day, whether it is when you are walking around together and having a moment, grabbing food, cheersing, laughing, talking to family and friends or sneaking a kiss,  I will be there to capture the most intimate moments of your day.

In between moments

Reception Events

This includes speeches, toasts, cake cutting, first dances, family dances, and more! I will capture the moments that feel genuine and fun of the couple as well as family members and friends they’re celebrating with you.

We made it to the dance party!!! This is one of my favorite parts of the night. This is where everyone gets to let loose and enjoy the rest of the night. Whether the dance floor feels like a night club or his more reserved it is a good time no matter what!


Depending o the hour of coverage, an exit might be photographed. Some couples chose to do a fake exit for the pics, some chose not to do it at all and some do it depending on when the night ends. It can be sparklers, your friends cheering and high-five you, glow sticks, flower pedals or something else either way its a great way to end the night!

The Exit