wedding day start to finish

Some people love the detailed shots, and to some they are not as much of a priority. I will take  shots of the venue and any items you like. I ask for a box of all the important things you might want in your detailed shots,  including,  but not limited to invitations, shoes,  floral, bouquets, hangers, perfume or cologne, your rings, vow books and more! In addition to  the small details,  I also capture your attire for the day- photos of the dresses and suites before the ceremony.   This usually takes around 30- 45 min depending on the number of items.

The Details

Let's throw on your favorite playlist, pop some champagne and get ready for your big day! This can be a stressful part of the day-  but it does not have to be! This is mostly candid coverage of hair and makeup,  getting into the dresses and suits, maybe shots of bridesmaids in robes,  or the guys hanging out.    It is just capturing you having fun with your closest people while getting ready for your special day!

Getting ready